To start the party

Guacamole with vegetable crudités

Canapes with beet carpaccio, goat cheese mousse and orange sauce

Canape with jambon that tomato

and much more

Snacks from the chef

Millefeuille with salmon mousse on blue cabbage sponge cake

Tomato cube withcelery and cucumber tartar

Spinach biscuit milfey with chicken and ham mousse


Canapes Canapes - a snack on a skewer or in portion dishes

Сanapes with sesame tuna, polenta and citrus sauce

Сhicken roll canapes with flaxseed toast and sweet chili sauce

Canapes with roast beef, baked pepper and tom yum paste

Еggplant roll with tomato and cream cheese

Black sesame tuna on peach and avocado tartare with lime sauce


Gougères with cheese and Bechamel sauce

with foie gras

With ham and cheese sauce

Gougeres in black sesame with cucumber tartar and low-salt salmon

Gougeres with tiger prawns and guacamole

Snacks Bufe

Crispy canapes on a puff pastry

Bouffée with roasted peppers, cream cheese and anchovies

Bouffée with Camembert cheese and onion jam

Bouffée with fresh vegetables and dark olives

Bouffée with caramelized pear and blue cheeses


Verrines is a mousse snack in a transparent dish

Verin with guacamole, salmon and tomato tartat

Fried bowl of tuna with green sour cream in the verrine

Coconut panacotta with peach mousse and shrimp tartare

Shrimp tempura with pineapple cream and curry in verrine

Foie gras creme brulee

Croissants, quiches

Can be served warm or cool

cheese pie in a tartlet

Closed puff with baked salmon

Quiche with salmon and broccoli

With chicken and mushrooms

Quiche Lorraine with ham and spinach

Mini quiche of blue caramelized onions with goat cheese

Mini croissants

with salmon and cucumber

with ham and cheese

with jambon and Camembert cheese


Verrines is a mousse snack in a transparent dish

French Tiramisu with cream cheese, chocolate cookies and salted caramel

Raspberry cream with milk chocolate mousse and chocolate cookies

Panacotta with berry sauce

Chocolate biscuit with cheese mousse and berries

Basket with berry cream and fresh berries

Our cakes

We cook according to your tastes and wishes

And much more!